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About Ponderosa Aviation

We are a trusted partner for aircraft maintenance at Safford regional airport.

We have the distinction of ensuring a quick turnaround time for any aircraft that lands at our hangar for service, maintenance, repairs, or modifications.

There is a relaxing pilot lounge where pilots can have snacks and drinks. Our convenient self-serve pump is of great utility at the airport.


We offer air ambulance services.


Non-scheduled Services

We provide non-scheduled air transportation services so that you do not have to delay your operations.

As an experienced service provider in the business of aviation, we know what it means to halt services. We also offer fuel and repair/maintenance services.

We provide air support as an air ambulance service, and also for fire suppression agencies in battling wildfires.

Experienced Services

Since 1975, we have brought about a positive change in the business of aviation.

What makes us different is our commitment to being a reliable aircraft maintenance company.

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